Chocolate Adventures with Lianna - Forte Chocolates 101 June 16 2015

Week 2:  Forte Chocolates 101

It was my second week on the job and it was time for me to learn more about our products!  This position requires me to spend a couple hours each week in the Mount Vernon store and the Bellingham store.  I of course don’t mind this at all since you get to be surrounded by chocolate and great customers who venture in! 

First I went to the Mount Vernon store.  My goal was to learn about the different products we have in store as well as do a little re arranging and marketing for the store.  As I was walking around looking at everything I noticed that some of the “art” that’s in the store is actually CHOCOLATE!  When just glancing at these pieces, you would think they were a sculpture purchased at Pottery Barn, but upon closer review, they were made entirely from chocolate!  That day I was working with Taylor, who is also one of our Artisans, so he was able to give me a little Chocolate 101 about the sculptures.  I asked how long these sculptures last and he basically said, they never go bad, they just bloom.  Bloom?  Like a flower??  Basically, blooming is when moisture gets on the chocolate and the sugar starts to come out.  So the chocolate doesn’t go bad, it just changes texture.  There’s also a term of ‘FAT BLOOM!’  Yes, I know what you’re thinking…..interesting term.  Anyways, it means that the chocolate was wrongly tempered or there was an extreme heat difference and it damages the crystal structure……yep, that one was a little out of my league!

So take a look at these different items, can you tell which ones are chocolate?


chocolate sculpture, pods or table?  You will have to venture in to the Mount Vernon store to find out the answer!



My next stop was Bellingham.   Fairhaven is always buzzing with locals and visitors walking the streets, so working in the store is always exciting.  I got to work with Gabriel who had lots of great ideas for preparing the store for our one year anniversary celebration and he was very informative when it came to teaching myself and the customers about the different products!   While in the store, people enjoyed sampling all of our bars and our Tiger Bark, which is an amazing combination of white chocolate and peanut butter swirled with dark chocolate!  Yes, I did just say that, it is the most amazing flavor combination EVER!  Oh and did I mention it is topped with some sparkly edible gold glitter?  White chocolate, peanut butter, dark chocolate and glitter……need I say more?  I am a huge fan of rosemary and the Rosemary Sea Salt Bar in White Chocolate is one of my absolute favorites….until I met the Rosemary Caramel with Orange.  This yummy item was the 2013 Academy of Chocolate GOLD winner!  You really can’t go wrong with this one! 


As I mentioned above, our Fairhaven location is celebrating its ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  We have great specials going on in store all week, which you can find on our Facebook page.  I am also personally, not publically, inviting you, my friends, to our Friday night celebration in the Fairhaven store from 6-8pm.  There will be wine tasting, chocolate tasting, chocolate truffle shots and all visitors will be entered to win a chocolate sculpting experience for two!  It’s also the Fairhaven Solstice Art Walk, so there will be lots of other things going on in the neighborhood to take advantage of.  It's also Father's Day on Sunday, so don't forget to take home a gift or two for Dad!



Please stop by this week or on Friday evening as we ‘CELEBRATE LIFE THROUGH CHOCOLATE’ and you might even get a little chocolate 101 lesson!