Chocolate Adventures with Lianna - Chocolate Anniversary Whirlwind June 23 2015

Week 3:  Chocolate Anniversary Whirlwind


When I first started my job 3 weeks ago, I was given the task of coming up with a one year anniversary celebration for our Bellingham store location!  I had one week to pull it all together and get the word out.  I like to work under pressure, so I got to work brainstorming what to do!


My biggest challenge for the celebration was figuring out what types of specials would bring people in to the store to help us celebrate.  Of course everyone LOVES FREE anything and on a daily basis we have free samples of our bars in the store, so it had to be something even better.  So to accomplish this task it was decided, we would give out FREE bars, FREE truffles, FREE liquid truffle shots, FREE samples of one of the rarest chocolates in the World, Fortunato No. 4, FREE wine and a chance to win a FREE chocolate sculpting experience for two! 

Our week long celebration started on June 14th and ended on Father’s Day, June 21st.  I had the opportunity to spend more time in the store and I was surprised at how many people stopped in that didn’t even know we had a store in Fairhaven!  I think the coolest thing about being in the Fairhaven store was getting to hear all about our Fortunato No. 4 Bar. 


The Fortunato #4 Bar is one of the rarest chocolates in the World!  It is from Nacional cacao, thought to be extinct, and grows in the remote area of northern Peru.  Nacional is prone to disease and is very difficult to grow, but it is treasured for its excellent aroma.  The Fortunato No. 4 is conched for 60 hours (most chocolate is conched between 8 and 16 hours).  The longer conching process brings out the full natural flavor of the white beans.  No vanilla, milk or lecithin have been added to this remarkable chocolate.  The bar contains 68% cacao and 32% sugar; nothing more!  Yes, I had to look up what the word CONCHE means, so here is the definition as pulled from Wikipedia:  A conche is a surface scraping mixer and agitator that evenly distributes cocoa butter within chocolate, and may act as a 'polisher' of the particles.[1]  The Fortunato No. 4 bar can be purchased in the Mount Vernon or Fairhaven locations OR online.


The other amazing FREE sample we were handing out was our liquid truffle.  Basically, take our dark chocolate truffle and put it into liquid form, serve it hot and you have the most amazing liquid chocolate drink you have EVER tasted.  EVER.  People asked over and over if we would be selling this in our stores and there isn’t a mix or powder that we sell for this, but our goal is to be selling this by the cup when the weather gets a little colder. 


Well we pulled it off and it really was a chocolate whirlwind.  All in all, I think it was a great one year anniversary celebration in Fairhaven!  We got to see many new and old customers, we gave away free chocolate and of course a free chocolate sculpting experience.  The winner by the way is BETTY THEILER!  If you know Betty, have her call us!