Chocolate Adventures with Lianna - Wine & Chocolate....YES PLEASE! July 14 2015



If you know me, then you know that I love wine.  For me, there is really no better food to go with wine than chocolate, and maybe a little cheese! 


I haven’t been blogging the past few weeks because I have been busy on vacation with family.  When my little family goes on a vacation, we don’t go far from home, we head over the mountains to Chelan!  Chelan is one of our favorite places to visit and camp and when I say camp I really mean “GLAMP!”  Yes, we have a 29 ft trailer complete with a tv and air conditioning.  When you’re camping in 109 degree weather, like we were a few weeks ago, the air conditioning and tv are a necessity, since you spend a lot of time in the trailer.  The other places we spend a lot of time at, while glamping in Chelan, are the wineries! 


The wineries in Chelan are some of the best!  The views from the wineries overlooking the lake are the best, the owners of the wineries and their stories about how they came to be are the best and of course their local wine is the best!  The only thing a lot of them are missing to go with that great wine, is a little chocolate!  Hopefully some of these wineries will be carrying some Forte Chocolate bars for you to enjoy while sipping their wine, very soon.

(wine tasting from Siren Song Winery in Chelan)



Once I returned home from glamping in Chelan, it was back to business as usual and off to an event in Snohomish.  Again focused around wine, the Sunsets in Snohomish Wine Walk is a must if you like to shop while tasting wine!  This event takes place once a month starting in June and ending in September.  It sold out with 350 people walking through the streets of downtown Snohomish and going in to the host stores shopping and tasting wine and of course our chocolate!  Forte was lucky enough to be paired with Claar Cellars in the most wonderful store, Faded Elegance!  The owner Kimberly was so sweet and I really could have bought everything in her store for my home!  We had a majority of our bars out for sampling and for sale.  The wine walkers were drooling over the Lemon Pepper and Rosemary Sea Salt White Chocolate bars!  Really, they were drooling over all of the bars, but those were the big hits of the night.  Needless to say, we will be back on September 12th for another round of wine and chocolate tasting in Snohomish!




People always ask me which chocolate pairs best with which wines and really, I don’t know!  I believe that everyone’s taste buds are different and at these events, I usually tell people to drink what you like with what you like to eat.  Really thought, in my opinion, ALL chocolate goes with wine! 