Chocolate Adventures with Lianna - Make It RAIN! August 02 2015

The title of this blog could mean multiple things.  Number one, we have hit record temperatures for a record number of consecutive days here in Washington State, so maybe the title means I really want it to RAIN because 90 degrees is not what we are used to here!  The rain would be nice because my lawn looks like the color of our Old World Caramels, and we aren’t able to attend the Mount Vernon Farmer’s Market today because it’s just too hot to have chocolate outside!  So, yes rain would be nice!  OR, ‘Make It Rain’ could suggest the name of a cool truffle making technique that I got to witness while in the kitchen one day!  If you guessed the later, you’re right!


While in the kitchen a few weeks ago, I got to see a technique our Artisans use while making our truffle shells.  Our Master Chocolatier, Karen, called it “Chocolate Rain!”  She said the white chocolate looks way cooler than the dark or milk chocolate, which I agree, it looks really really cool!  Our Artisan, Lindsay, was making our Honey Lemon Truffles.  She painted the inside of the truffle tray and then poured the chocolate in to the tray, let it sit and then flipped it over, making chocolate rain!  This technique is how we got the shell for the Honey Lemon Truffle!  In the next kitchen over, our other Artisan, Taylor, was busy making Pecan Caramels!  The smell when I walked in to the kitchen was AMAZING!!!!!!  A few minutes sitting in that kitchen and every little kid, and or dog, would probably run up to me on the street because I smelled so wonderfully sweet! 


(chocolate rain and making Pecan Caramels)


Speaking of caramels, let’s talk about that word.  How do you say it?  I have always said it so it sounds like CARMEL, but I was quickly corrected my first time at Forte for saying it wrong.  All these years, I thought I was saying it right, but NO, it is not CARMEL, it is CARE-UH-MEL!!  It’s kind of like tomato vs toe-mah-toe or how do you say Caribbean?  Like when I say Pirates of the Caribbean, I say it one way, but when I say I’m going on a Caribbean cruise, I say it a different way!  Does that make sense?  So what is the right way to say CARAMEL?  Think of it like this……if you say it as CARMEL without placing that last ‘A’ in there after the ‘R’, then you might be referring to a place such as Carmel California, where Clint Eastwood was once Mayor.  The proper way to reference the candy would be pronouncing the second ‘A’ phonetically broken down like this; CARE-UH-MEL.  Got it?  Now if you come in to the Forte stores and you say this word the incorrect way, nobody is going to correct you, just know that you are saying it wrong and trust me, it’s very hard to fix a bad habit after 36 years! J


Now that you have seen how our Honey Lemon Truffle is made and you’ve learned how to say caramel the correct way, I invite you to come in to one of our stores, or visit our website and purchase one of each of these items to try.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!