Chocolate Care

Most people eat their Forte Chocolates right away and some want to store them for later. For all of our chocolate connoisseurs, we created a set of guidelines to help you enjoy our chocolates. For any questions you may have, please contact us. We handcraft our chocolates daily in small batches from the finest, freshest, and all natural ingredients. 
  • Always store chocolate out of direct sunlight in a cool dry environment between 64° and 68°F
  • If stored in temperatures higher than that, the chocolate may begin to soften, compromising the appearance, texture, and flavour profile.
  • Keep chocolate away from sources of strong odours as it absorbs the odours of food and other strong smelling products around them.
  • Frozen chocolate will maintain its freshness up to 6 months. If freezing, put them in an airtight bag then wrap tightly in several layers of foil. Defrost by placing in the fridge for 24 hours then move to room temperature.
  • Please do not store chocolates in the refrigerator as they will pick up scents (onion, meat, veggies etc.) and may bloom (develop a whitish appearance). 

To fully appreciate the quality and flavour please enjoy our chocolates within the timeframe listed below whenever possible. The chocolates are most often still good for much longer than these listed times, but we do not recommend having them after their enjoy by date listed on the package as the flavour and quality may suffer:

  • Truffles  - within 1 month or enjoy by date
  • Caramels - within 2 months or enjoy by date
  • Hot Cocoas - within 3 months or enjoy by date
  • Chocolate Bars - within 6 months or enjoy by date
    • Barks - within 6 months or enjoy by date
    • All chocolates do not get better by age, so enjoy sooner rather than later!