Forte Chocolates is going Bean-to-Bar!

Help us get there...

We have the expertise, but need production-sized machines. As a small business we could really use the help in obtaining them. What can you do?

Celebrate Life Through Chocolate

 Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate is a style of production that focuses on making chocolate directly from the bean in small batches. What makes this style of production so special is that focuses on bringing out the bold flavors found naturally within cacao beans rather than making the more subtle flavored chocolates that mass-produced makers aim for.



As a world-class artisan chocolatier, crafting beautiful and flavorful chocolate is what excites me and my team, so making our own craft chocolate in-house has been a long time coming! I can't tell you how excited we are to finally begin producing it on a larger scale. We are truly obsessed with all things chocolate! 

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