Wholesale Products

Forte Chocolates is happy to have their products available to consumers beyond the ones that visit our stores or online store.  


Some benefits of choosing Forte Chocolates

-Shop Small! We are a small business filled with dedicated employees who want to see their confections all over the world! You'll get to know our kitchen staff and find that placing orders with us is easy and quick! We will start the production of your confections right away so you have the freshest product quickly! 

-We are Highly Awarded! Chocolate Lovers love us. Caramel Lovers love us. Judges love us. You can find the list of awards on a tab above. 

-We Customize! We can customize our truffles with your business logo, message etc with a cocoa butter transfer!  We can also customize our bar labels to whatever design you can imagine!  The possibilities are endless and we would enjoy working with you.  

-We use The Best! The best chocolate, the best ingredients, the best chocolatiers! You don't need to worry.   


Send us an email or contact form! Or call! 

marketing@fortechocolates.com (360) 982 2159